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Welcome to my tiny blog. I will be posting poetry, short stories, and random scenes for anyone to read as they'd like. If you have any suggestions for me, please contact me via comment or through the contact form below. Thank you for your support! Cheyenne Wright

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Witch’s Brew

Ethan let out a sigh as he walked along the flooded city streets. The momentary black cat, usually a seemingly ordinary man, felt his whiskers twitch from the cold as he whisked his tail around in the frigid wind. His fur, which was actually the same color as his usual human hair, became ruffled in... Continue Reading →

“She Showed Up At His Door . . .”

I decided to respond to another writing prompt I found, using characters from a book that I have yet to release or announce. Enjoy! She showed up at his door, soaking wet, bruised, and covered in glitter. “So I see the concert went well,” Torin began. The shorter girl, Arlett, glared at him and stormed... Continue Reading →

Patreon Announcement

Happy New Year everyone! I decided to release the Patreon page I was planning on starting this morning! I will leave the link to it below! Here are the reward tiers so far: Pencil Tier--$5 Do you want to help me decide on what I should work on this month? Well, now you can with... Continue Reading →

“It Seemed Like A Good Idea Yesterday.”

Hello everyone! I decided to start posting what I write from various writing prompts on here, so enjoy! This one features Red and Cright, two characters from my Lucalgian Odyssey series. Prompt: “It seemed like a good idea yesterday.” 10 Minute Writing Session: “You did what?” Cright nearly screamed, her face reddening as she glared... Continue Reading →

Whispers of A Dragon Hatchery Teasers

Hello everyone! Because of the upcoming release date of "Whispers of A Dragon Hatchery" (which is chronologically the second book in my Lucalgian Odyssey series, but the first to be released), I decided to share some teaser images I made and posted on my Instagram. I will make more after the book's release, but I... Continue Reading →

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