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Hello everyone! I’m Cheyenne Wright!
. . . But, as you can see, I post all of my content under the name Chey’s Works. I am actually a college student who has always enjoyed writing. Since the time I learned to hold a pencil, I have been writing stories for my friends and family. Naturally, I decided that writing was what I want a career in, so why not try the freelance/self-publishing approach?

What I Do
Well, obviously, I write poetry and prose. I have also started blogging and publishing books in paperback and eBook formats on Amazon. However, it does not stop there. I am always expanding to different social networking platforms in order to share my work with others! I will leave the links to those below for you to explore at your leisure, including the link to my Patreon page.

Why Blogging?
I decided that I wanted to build up a community for my readers and share my projects in an easy-to-access space to help me move my projects along. I would rather interact directly with my readers than rely on book sales or reviews to tell me what is working in my writing and what is not. I want to produce quality content because I love creating poetry and prose to share with other people, and the truth is that I want to be able to do what I love for as long as possible. I greatly value any support and reviews.

Thank you so much for your support!
Cheyenne Wright

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