World Building Tips #1

So, here’s my idea: I have decided that I should start posting world building tips because I find world building fun and challenging and would also like to help other authors. I will try my best to post these on Sundays, but we’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, here are five world-building questions to get you started:

  • What is the weather like?
    • Is it always raining or sunny? Does this world have seasons? This is actually a huge part of world building because settings and their weather influence your story in more ways than one. For instance, when creating the kingdom of Lucalgia, I decided to add seasons to help break one of my books (which I will release on Inkitt soon) into “parts” and use the symbolism attached to those seasons. Any kind of weather can affect the mood of a work as a whole in significant ways.
  • Who lives in this world?
    • Is this world full of beasts, odd creatures, and humanoid life forms, or are the creatures there just as average as they are in reality? Do humans exist, or are they replaced by elves? The possibilities are endless.
  • Is magic important to this world?
    • If so, create your own rules on how it works. I found a guide titled, “How to Create A Believable Magic System” and I will leave the link to it below for further reference. (Also, I recommend making your magic system all your own. It’ll be more believable and effective in your story if you do.)
  • What are the cities/villages/towns like?
    • Again with settings, symbolism, mood, etc.
  • Are there rivalries between countries/cities?
    • Have certain countries gone to war with each other? Do people from certain regions dislike or pick on those of other regions?

Hope these questions helped!

Cheyenne Wright

External Links/Resources:

“How to Create A Believable Magic System”


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