“It Seemed Like A Good Idea Yesterday.”

Hello everyone!

I decided to start posting what I write from various writing prompts on here, so enjoy! This one features Red and Cright, two characters from my Lucalgian Odyssey series.


“It seemed like a good idea yesterday.”

10 Minute Writing Session:

“You did what?” Cright nearly screamed, her face reddening as she glared at the human-fox hybrid standing before her. Red’s ears folded back defensively as his tail tucked itself between his legs as he listened to the downpour of rain outside.

“I lost some of my daggers,” he admitted again.

“How did you do that?” Cright inquired, crossing her arms as Red’s eyes met hers meekly.

“I um . . . I was using them for target practice in the forest and I guess my aim was a little off . . .” Cright’s glare seemed to harshen on the teen as he added, “When I was done, I couldn’t find some of them. It seemed like a good idea yesterday.” The shorter woman sighed as she looked out the window beside them, her eyes piercing through the glass. The gloomy sky above them was pouring rain outside, baring no sign of the weather letting up.

“I sure hope so, because you probably won’t find your blades now,” she hissed.

“I’m sorry!” Red wailed. “I shouldn’t have lost them!”

“You shouldn’t be apologizing to me. Go talk to Lea, he made those daggers for you, and by his own hands, too.” Red considered Cright’s words for a moment, then turned away from her and began to slink away toward Lea’s blacksmithing shop, his whole being radiating guilt.


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