Patreon Announcement

Happy New Year everyone!

I decided to release the Patreon page I was planning on starting this morning! I will leave the link to it below!

Here are the reward tiers so far:

  • Pencil Tier–$5
    • Do you want to help me decide on what I should work on this month? Well, now you can with the “What should I work on next?” poll! (Each poll will be posted a month in advanced so that I can work on whatever the winning result is.)
  • Pen Tier–$10
    • Want to read chapters of my WIP prose ahead of when I post the chapters on Inkitt? With this tier, you will receive access to those early chapters via a folder in Google Drive.
    • Plus all previous rewards!
  • Graphite Tier–$20
    • Get your name written on my Special Thanks page on my author’s blog!
    • Plus all previous rewards!
  • Ink Tier–$50
    • Obtain access to my rough drafts, outlines, and deleted scenes from my books! (Also via Google Drive folder sharing.)
    • Plus all previous rewards!

I intend to add more tiers as my writing career progresses. You can become my patron today right here!

Thank you for your support!

Cheyenne Wright


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