“She Showed Up At His Door . . .”

I decided to respond to another writing prompt I found, using characters from a book that I have yet to release or announce. Enjoy!

She showed up at his door, soaking wet, bruised, and covered in glitter.

“So I see the concert went well,” Torin began. The shorter girl, Arlett, glared at him and stormed through the door, her arms crossed.

“I didn’t even get through the line.” The taller boy tilted his head curiously as he watched her walk past him, heading toward the kitchen as water dripped from her hair and clothes, leaving a trail behind on the tiled floor. He slowly closed the door.

“What do you mean?” He rushed to the nearest cupboard to grab a towel he had stashed away and draped it over Arlett’s shoulders as she shivered.

“Some of the others from the academy were there and I got separated from them long enough to get attacked,” she began to explain, motioning to the bruises forming on her bare legs and her stomach under her shirt. “And then I got doused with glitter,” she continued, pointing to her red hair which was now sparkling with green and purple dust. “By the time the group found me again the guys who did it were gone. I told them I was just going to go home.”

“Wow, I’m sorry,” Torin said in a near whisper. “Why didn’t you go home then?” The redhead shrugged.

“I wanted to see you.”

“But won’t your dad get mad if you’re here without Ethan or Lance being home?” The thought of Ethan and Lance coming home to find Arlett in their home crossed Torin’s mind. Surely they would be upset.

“Not if he doesn’t know,” Arlett replied. “Do you want me to go home?” Torin considered the options set before him silently. He glanced at the teen’s glitter-covered hair before his eyes traced her bruised legs. He turned to grab another towel and handed it to her.

“Here, take this and go shower. You can borrow some of my clothes and I’ll get us some snacks and blankets. If you can’t enjoy a concert, then we might as well have a movie night.” He paused, seeing a faint smile spread across her freckled face and the area around her left eye darken with a purple and red hue. “Did somebody punch you in the face?” She nodded. “I’m not letting you walk home alone, so you might as well just stay the night, and it looks like I’m going on a witch hunt tomorrow. I’ll call your dad and Lance, just go get cleaned up.”


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