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This is just a small page where I will be posting my poetry for anyone to read at their leisure. Thank you for your support!


Cheyenne Wright


I was so sick

Of the way that you treated me

And now that I’m away from you

I am finally free


You screamed at me

Even when I did what you wanted

Your curses and insults

Often left me feeling haunted


But you don’t blame yourself

You honestly can’t see a way

In which this was your fault

So, you blame those with which I stay


It wasn’t him who split us apart

You did this yourself

So you can sit back and watch

While I make a life for myself


With or without you

It makes no difference to me

Because without you around

I am finally free


Why can’t I say what I want?

Why am I the one you must taunt?

All I want is to say how I feel

But it seems like you don’t even want me to heal


I can’t heal if I can’t speak

So my frustration has reached its peak

Losing friendships left and right

Which is why this poem is something I must write


I’m sick of the falsehoods and all of the pain

Making me feel like I’m some dog on a chain

You all want me silenced and muzzled

And then you’re all leaving me puzzled


This suffering is now silent and deadly

But whenever I speak of it you seem to resent me

Tell me to stop and to keep problems to myself

But all I really wanted was to vent and get help


Got over feelings I left behind by four years

Then threw them back in my face, bringing me tears

Tried to talk to those I trusted about the way you made me feel

And backwards was the way that most of them reeled


I have four friends that I really trust

But now I’m terrified that they’ll leave me in disgust

It feels like they’re the only real ones I’ll ever make

That thought inside my head is making me break


I hate this feeling and I wanna let go

Never did I ever think of you as a foe

But I can’t get over it and this pain in my heart

Is slowing tearing and breaking me apart


I’m better with you gone, that I’ll admit

But with my old friends is now where you seem to fit

Striving to find positivity in all this mess

But it’s hard to see anything when I’m getting so depressed


I’ll destroy this muzzle and quit this game

I’m done and sick taking the blame

Sick of being demonized and being restrained

This dog is tired of being on its chain


Pitch-black dreams

Listening to the horrified screams

They’re the closest I can get to death

Running from the dark nightmare of reality, I can’t catch my breath

All I can feel is this empty void

All of my sanity has been destroyed

In the morning I wake up early

Everything is much too blurry

Reality seems much too deadly

So I’ll just try to remember this forgotten melody

And at night, I’ll sing this song

I’ll sing it all night long

They’ve pushed me to the limits

I don’t care how many hits

It takes for me to finally fall

I just want to end it all

I find the sight of my own blood utterly amusing

Sometimes there are things that are just worth losing

All reality unravels at the seams

I can finally be plunged into never-ending, darkening dreams


You left

Without saying goodbye

Sometimes I wonder

If you even care that I cry

I could really care

But it’d just be a waste of my time

Because as far as you know

“I’m just fine”

You’re still afraid

That I’m still mad

But to be quite honest

I’m actually glad

I was sick of your little games

Fed up and done

and I hope you know

I still find solitude fun

Every time you’d leave

I’d feel torn up

Mad that you’d leave me like this

With everything messed up

I want the truth

No more of your lies

And I hope there’s a day

Where all of my feeling dies

I Know

I know he’s not perfect

And doesn’t feel worth it

You make him upset

And ignore the words he’s kept

I know how you push him around

In this anxiety, he’ll drown

He’s always forgetful

And always regretful

I know you say words that hurt

When you have anger to exert

But I know his heart is aflame

Kindled by the dreams he has made

I know his shoulders bare all the blame

When you should carry all the shame

But I will wait for you to get burnt

Because I will be the support you never were

I know when he’s finally free

He’ll be right here, beside me

And maybe then you’ll finally see

The one he has aimed to be


How should I feel

With you in my head?

Without you here

My heart just feels dead

I know I shouldn’t miss you

It’s just for a day

But without you here

I feel like a stray

No affection, no love

A heart made of stone

What I fear most

Is being alone

I await a reply

With a throbbing heart

And I know this pain

Only when we’re apart

To Jared

There is no way for me to prove

How much you mean to me

But when you threaten your own life

I simply can’t just leave you be

Torn up inside, I know

Things are never looking up

And even though it’s not your fault

You still feel like you’re fucking up

I really want to help, I swear

I can’t lose another friend this way

Helpless, irrelevant, stupid, pathetic

Begging to stop the pain today

“It gets better”

Such a cliche phrase

But I swear to you that it’s the truth

This can’t be how we part ways

I wanted you to know

I’m here for you

And the rest of your loving friends

Are here for you, too